6 Trendy Houseplants that Don't Need Much Attention

6 Trendy Houseplants that Don't Need Much Attention

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There's nothing I love more than decorating my house with plants that add a beautiful touch of green....that is until they turn brown. I've had my fair share of plant friends take a quick turn for the worse when I wasn't keeping a close eye on them. I know that you're busy and plant babies tend to come second to your darling human babies, but if you're like me and hope to keep them around, here are a few of my favorite trendy plants that need little attention.

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1. Snake Plant/Mother-In-Law's Tongue

This is a hardy plant that can be forgotten for weeks at a time while still remaining green and healthy. Having one in your home will help to purify the air and remove any toxins. It's also quite tolerant to many levels of sun exposure and makes for a wonderful houseplant. Be careful not to overwater as it's susceptible to root rot.

 Snake Plant Trendy Houseplants

2. Pothos

Truly one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. Their vine-like beauty adds a wonderful presence that can be wrapped around nearby wall decor or draped down shelves. They stay green easily and typically do well in bright lit areas.

Pothos Trendy Houseplants
3. The Zanzibar Plant

Their shiny leaves are one of their most attractive qualities. They can also withstand short periods of draught. Placed in a well lit room, they're happy with waterings every other week. 

Zanzibar Rubber Tree Trendy Houseplants
4. Zebra Haworthia

The beauty of this succulent makes it a statement piece in any home. Its unique stripes give it its iconic name. Unlike most succulents, Zebra Haworthias generally thrive in a well-lit window as opposed to full sun. It doesn't require frequent watering and therefore makes a great houseplant for a busy home.

Zebra Succulent Zebra Haworthia Trendy Houseplants
5. Donkey Tail

What's cuter than a plant named 'Donkey Tail'? Not much. This succulent thrives in a well lit window and will tell you when it needs watering. Avoid direct sunlight and keep an eye on its bulbous leaves. When they start to shrink or take on a less rounded shape, give the soil a thorough soaking and let completely dry in between waterings.

Donkey Tail Succulent Trendy Houseplants

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Many people find this plant to be sensitive, but only if it's not receiving proper sun and water. The Fiddle Leaf Fig loves a bright lit space in the home, but not direct sunlight as it can burn its leaves. Keep an eye on drooping leaves and only water when the first 2" of soil are dry to the touch.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trendy Houseplants

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Download this guide as a shopping list for your next trip to the plant section! Find it here.

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