The Ultimate Family Fall Bucket List

The Ultimate Family Fall Bucket List

Fall Family Bucket List Activities

Fall is officially here and in full swing! Before it slips by all too quickly, be sure to take time to fully enjoy all of the wonderful smells and textures of the season. We've put together our fall bucket list of must-do's for you and your family that everyone will be sure to love. Time is ticking... ready? Let's jump right in!

1. Jump into a pile of leaves
What's better than soaring into a freshly raked pile of leaves?? Some of our favorite memories growing up were definitely the times we got to make a mess out of the front yard. It isn't fall without fully wrapping yourself in all of its glorious scents and getting a few crunchy leaves stuck in your hair, right?

Fall Family Bucket List

2. Whip up some homemade apple cider
A cool day calls for a mug of spiced apple cider to warm the whole body up. Check out this delicious Apple Cider with Mulling Spices recipe from Magnolia.

What You’ll Need:

+ One gallon of apple cider
+ One sachet of mulling spices

Optional add-ins:

+ Vanilla bean
+ Juniper berries
+ Apple slices

Apple Cider Recipe

3. Go on a scavenger hunt
Before it gets too cold, head outdoors for a fun nature scavenger hunt. Note the falling leaves and the change of colors as your little ones have fun collecting the items from our list. Squeeze in every last minute outside before the temperatures drop!

Download our free Scavenger Hunt list here.

Kids Nature Scavenger Hunt

Kids Nature Scavenger Hunt

4. Decorate a pumpkin
Spruce up your front porch with some fall pumpkins. Our favorite way to decorate pumpkins with the whole family is to paint them and add fun embellishments with a little glue. Check out more ideas on our Pinterest board 'No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.'

Fall Family Bucket List Activities

5. Go on a hiking adventure
Is there anything better than hearing the sound of crunching leaves under foot? Take a stroll and head out for a little outdoor adventure with the whole family to observe the changing colors and take in the fresh smell of autumn air.

Fall Family Bucket List Activities
Fall Family Bucket List
6. Pack a picnic
While you're out and about, be sure to pack a picnic to enjoy! Bring a warm blanket (or two), a few snacks and perhaps that apple cider from earlier.

7. Go apple picking
Find a local orchard near by and pick some fresh apples as a family. Apple orchards make for great family photos, so be sure to snap a few pictures. 

Fall Family Bucket List Activities

8. Bake up some apple desserts
With so many apples from your apple picking adventure, we thought we'd give you a few ways to bake them up! Try out this delicious Dulce de Leche Apple Pie from our friends at Magnolia. Or stick to the classics with this Old Fashioned Apple Crisp!

Fall Family Bucket List Activities

9. Make your own pumpkin cream
If you're like us, you can't WAIT for the pumpkin cream cold brews to be rolled out at Starbucks. Here's a fun and easy Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew recipe we found to make your own right at home. 

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Recipe
10. Create Fall Inspired Potato Stamp Art

Using a few items from around your house, your little ones can make beautiful fall art to be hung on the refrigerator. Carve out leaves, acorns or pumpkin designs from a raw potato and and simply dip them in your favorite earthy colors. Check out this blog post for more how-to instructions.

Potato Stamp Kids Craft Fall

Potato Stamp Kids Craft Fall

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