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Teaching Kids Chores and How To Care For Plants

There are many positive benefits to teaching your children chores. While you may be tempted to finish tasks yourself to get them done more quickly, there are incredible benefits to taking just a bit of extra time to let your little ones help out around the house.

After working for several years in early childhood centers, volunteering in schools, earning a degree in K-12 education, and later teaching in classrooms through out South America and Hawaii, I've noticed how much more efficient my classrooms were when all individuals were involved. The same holds true at home. When children are encouraged to be an active participant with even the smallest of tasks, they often beam with pride.

Chores can help teach responsibility and self-reliance, reinforce respect, demonstrate teamwork, build strong work ethic, improve time management skills and most importantly, give everyone a chance to bond. What you ask of your children will greatly depend on age and level of development, but you might just be surprised at how much they're capable of when given the opportunity.

One of our favorite chores to see little ones helping out with are house plants, of course! From weeding, watering, and tending to plants, kids enjoy the hands-on nature of this chore. If you don't yet have any to take care of, be sure to check out our recent blog post to pick out the perfect plant!
Kids Chores House Plant Care
Here are a few ways that your kids can easily help you out when taking care of plants around the house:

1. Watering
Perhaps one of the more fun parts of caring for plants, giving them a fresh drink of water! Show them how to carefully fill the watering can and wet the soil once a week. Watering is a great way to teach your kids that plants, too, need water to survive. You can also show them that checking the soil to see if it's dry is a great way to tell if your plant is thirsty. If it's still wet, then the plant isn't yet ready for any water.
Kids Chores House Plant Care
Kids Chores House Plant Care
2. Potting or Repotting
Plants often need to be repotted if they've outgrown their space. If you see roots growing out of the bottom, that's a good sign that they need a bigger home. If your little one likes to get their hands dirty, take the plant outside and have them help take the plant from its previous pot and move it into a brand new one.

3. Wiping Down Leaves
Leaves tend to collect dust when indoors. With a wet rag, show your children how to gently wipe down each leaf, particularly if they have wide leaves like the monstera, bird of paradise, pothos or ZZ plant. Likewise, they can be placed in your bathtub and rinsed off if they also need to be watered.
Kids Chores House Plant Care
Kids Chores House Plant Care
(Monstera Deliciousa)
Kids Chores House Plant Care
4. Pruning
Dead leaves should be removed from the plant regularly. If your kids are old enough to remove only the yellowing or dried leaves, this is a great task for them!

5. Naming Your Plants :)
The fun part! Naming your plants makes caring for them fun and more personal. When a living being has a name, it's easier to become more attached to it and remember that it needs ongoing attention.
Kids Chores House Plant Care
Kids Chores House Plant Care
6. Cleaning Up
Encourage your little ones to clean up any messes by sweeping up loose dirt, putting back gardening tools or hosing down anything that may have gotten dirty from repotting. It's important to make sure things are back in place to find them again for watering and caring for your plants.

Wanting even more?? Be sure to check out our blog post 'House Plant to Make Your Home a Tropical Paradise' HERE if you're looking for even more ways to add greenery to any space.
Kids Chores House Plant Care


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