Spring/Summer '20 Collection Inspiration

Spring/Summer '20 Collection Inspiration

What a year it has been! I never imagined that it would be an entire year before I'd be coming out with my next collection, and it almost seems impossible that nearly 12 months have passed that quickly. But here we are, in 2020, and on the verge of the next collection launching!


So many of you have been messaging with requests to see what will be coming next. And since I've made you wait long enough, I've decided to let you in on some of my design secrets for the Spring/Summer '20 Collection. You've also been curious to know if tropical prints will be included in future designs and I'm excited to say... YES!

Hawaii has been the inspiration for my tropical print selections over the past three years, and it only feels right to continue on with a beautiful tribute to what originally brought Ashley Rose Clothing to life. To me, there's no better world to live in than one filled with sunshine, green leafy plants and bold colors. I've always aimed to include a reflection of those aspects in my clothing designs. Whether we can be so lucky as to live on an island or not, it's a joy to be reminded daily of that dreamy island life through what we wear.

Turtle print

With that being said, this next collection is made up of some of the dreamiest of leafy palm prints, bold colors and an extra special honu (sea turtle) print. This collection is a nod to our beloved water creatures and the environment that they live in amongst hues of golden yellows, ocean blues, sunset pinks and luscious greens.

I hope this collection stirs up excitement for warm summer days and the possibility for endless outdoor adventures. Keep your eye out for a full collection preview coming in February 2020.

Spring Summer 2020 Kids Clothing Collection
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