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New Beginnings; Our Interview with Two Loving Moms

So many times in parenthood we see the metaphorical sun come up above our heads—a new start, a new perspective. Whether it be simply a refresh from a challenging day before it, or a bigger restart sort of feeling, like a new day of finally nailing the whole potty training thing, a sunrise can make us feel like completely new people. It can help us see our children in that gorgeous natural glow of the sun, illuminating their precious features, and it can reenergize us for the time ahead. No matter the day, there’s no doubt about it. If it weren’t for those sunrises, parenthood would be a completely different experience—a little less warm, a little less bright, and possibly a little less brilliant. 

We asked some of our favorite friends in this parenthood journey to share about their experiences with new beginnings and new seasons. Read on to hear about their most notable sunrise experiences.


Lindsay Roman! Follow @mrslindseyroman on Instagram!

This collection was largely inspired by adjusting to life’s changes, and as we all know, life can throw some major ones our way (both good and bad). As a mother, how do you hope to guide your children through the changes they’ll face in their life.

Baby girl toddler yellow pant romper"I hope to lead them with grace and love. And I am striving to raise my daughter and all future children with the confidence and security that comes from knowing God intimately. When we have that foundation, no matter what changes life may bring - whether they be good or bad, we know that God is in control. He has a purpose for us, and He will never fail us."

What excites you most about starting something new?

"I love starting new things. I get so excited whenever a new dream comes to life in my brain. I'm the kind of person who immediately wants to start something the minute they get a new idea. I want it done and accomplished. I'm an enneagram 3, can you tell?"

What are the biggest challenges you face when entering a new season and how do you overcome them?

"I think while I love new dreams and starting things I'm passionate and excited for, when it comes to new seasons that I didn't ask for or didn't foresee I can be SO stubborn with accepting that change or that new season. I struggle with accepting that new season or challenge and not just ignoring it or pushing it aside. I think what helps me overcome them is having a rock solid community of friends and family by my side for support."

Cierra Schmitt! Follow @cierra.schmitt on Instagram!

What has been the most significant new beginning for you in your journey through parenthood?

"The most significant new beginning for me was transitioning to a parent of not just one babe but two. We are a military family and my husband deployed shortly after our second child was born. This was a very significant change for me as I was trying to parent not only a needy toddler but also a very colic newborn. I fell into the trap of postpartum depression during this time as well. It has been one of the most trying times to this day but I also learned a lot about myself. I learned what I am truly capable of and also it’s ok to be vulnerable!"

Baby girl pink toddler pant romper

As we move into a new season of our collection which for us, was inspired by new beginnings, we want to know what new seasons of parenthood you’re looking forward to?

"There are so many new seasons to parenthood but the season I am now looking forward to is the school age/sports period. I’m excited to watch my littles grow into the person they are meant to be and excited to watch them take on new hobbies."

When your kids are grown, what do you hope they take or carry them from their childhood into adulthood?

"When my kids are grown I hope they take so many traits from their childhood along with. I want them to always be resilient, creative, and free spirited. Life throws so many challenges at you and I want them to always be able to look at the positive side of the challenge. I always want them to be able to learn and grow from experiences and most importantly I always want them to smile."


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