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Be a Part of Ashley Rose Clothing-Help Us Manufacture Our First Collection!

While Ashley Rose Clothing began as a startup run out of my small bedroom, I’m proud to say that it has moved from serving the islands of Hawaii to now reaching customers all over the United States and worldwide. I slowly began expanding my small business to meet customers' needs by hiring a seamstress, and then another. Over the past three years, we've reached a point in expansion that now requires production on a larger scale. In order to take this next step and move into manufacturing in North America, we'll need to prepare our patterns digitally, source fabric that meets our high-quality standards, fulfill minimum production quantities, and expand our team to maintain excellent customer service.

To help facilitate this transition, we've strategically partnered with Kiva, which is a crowd lending service that allows communities to pool together funds in support of a goal. It gives small businesses the opportunity to receive micro loans from friends, families and customers at 0% interest.

If you'd like to be a part of this exciting time of growth for Ashley Rose Clothing, please consider lending towards our goal of manufacturing by clicking HERE

Ashley Rose rompers


Is this a donation?

It's important to note that this is not a donation. All money that is given towards our goal of manufacturing our first collection will be paid back in full over the course of 36 months.

"We believe lending alongside thousands of others is one of the most powerful and sustainable ways to create economic and social good. Lending on Kiva creates a partnership of mutual dignity and makes it easy to touch more lives with the same dollar. Fund a loan, get repaid, fund another."

How much should I loan?

You can lend $25 or more to help us reach our goal, and you can see the other lenders who have already supported us at the bottom of our loan profile.

Is there a timeline for funding?

Yes. The first 15 days are considered a Private Funding Period which means that we must find a minimum of 25 lenders within our immediate community of friends, family and customers. When that initial goal is reached, Kiva will post our loan onto their website for the public to then begin lending. After the Private Funding Period, we will have 30 days to reach our goal of $9,500.

What if you don't reach your funding goal?

If our loan doesn’t fully fund (or reach 100%) when it’s posted on Kiva, lenders who did contribute receive their money back in their Kiva accounts.

Why did you choose to partner with KIVA?

Unlike many other crowdfunding services, Kiva allows 100% of every dollar raised to go to the recipient. They don't take a cut of loans, but cover their costs through optional donations.

"When a Kiva loan enables someone to grow a business and create opportunity for themselves, it creates opportunities for others as well. That ripple effect can shape the future for a family or an entire community."

How does the money for the loan get to Ashley Rose Clothing?

Loan funds reach us through the money transfer platform PayPal.

Do Kiva and/or Kiva lenders receive interest on Kiva loans?

Kiva never collects interest on loans and individual Kiva lenders do not receive interest from loans they support on Kiva.

How will I be paid back?

The repayment period is 36 months. Borrowers use PayPal to transmit repayments and Kiva deposits repaid funds into your individual Kiva lender account. Loan funds are repaid from borrowers to lenders by utilizing the money transfer platform PayPal. As you’re repaid you can withdraw your money, donate it to Kiva, or relend it to another borrower.

If you'd like to be a part of this exciting time of growth for Ashley Rose Clothing, please consider lending towards our goal of manufacturing by clicking HERE


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