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House Plants to Make Your Home a Tropical Paradise

Now that we're all spending so much time in our homes this year, making each space an oasis can help you feel more at ease. Bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home will help lift your mood by having little reminders of joy in every corner. Plants bring life to any space and make a house truly feel like a home.

To help you create your very own tropical paradise, here are just a few plants that you can easily incorporate into any room.

Bathrooms are a haven for plants that thrive in humid conditions. Air plants are some of our favorites in this space since they soak up moisture from the air and don't require soil. They can be mounted on a ceramic wall hanging like the one pictured here, or a piece of drift wood for more of an earthy look. Since they don't require potting, you can also place them in a decorative bowl on your vanity or even inside your shower to feel like you're in the middle of the rainforest.

Tropical House Plants

The Pilea Perperomioides (also known as the Chinese Money Plant, Coin Plant, UFO Plant or Pancake Plant) has been one of the most trendy house plants, and for good reason. Unlike most house plants, this one doesn't require high amounts of humidity so it will still thrive in an air conditioned environment. They love bright indirect sunlight. Placing them next to a sunny window is the perfect spot.

Chinese Money Plants add an element of surprise to any room with their circular floating disk shapes. Since they're growing in popularity, you can find them in almost any nursery or plant section.

Tropical House PlantsTropical House Plants


In order to make your home a truly tropical paradise, you can't forget to include a Monstera Deliciosa. When we lived in Hawaii, this queen of the jungle grew almost everywhere. Their unique leaves slowly develop perfectly round holes as they mature. And while they grow wild in the tropical climates of islands like Hawaii, they also make excellent house plants. Make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and they'll be happy in just about any corner of a bright lit room.

Tropical House Plants
Another great way to make your house feel tropical is to add plants to your kitchen; an area where we spend almost all of our time gathered. Placing them above the sink will surely not let you forget to water them! (Pictured here: One variation of the Prayer Plant)

Tropical House Plants
Tropical House Plants
Arranging plants on a shelf that grow in a viny formation really give the feel of a jungle. Wrap them around various decorations or simply trim them back if they become too long. We love placing them at different eye levels around the kitchen including above the refrigerator or on shelving to make the kitchen look taller.

Plants add a sense of freshness and life that every kitchen represents.

House Plants Tropical Kitchen

Tropical House Plants
Fresh cut flowers can also be sprinkles around the house to create that luxury vacation feeling. If you live in a climate that isn't suitable for tropical plants, consider picking out some bright flowers from a florist near you to pop into a vase and enjoy.

Or, double the use of any plant by trimming a leaf and placing it into water. Your plant will most likely be healthier if you cut it back every once in a while and the trimmed foliage will give you even more to work with around your home.

Tropical House PlantsTropical House Plants

In addition to plants, framed photos or artwork inspired by tropical getaways might just be the detail you've been missing. Here are a few artists we love (click to find them on Instagram):

Sarah Caudle
Nick Kuchar
Heather Almeda
Ashley Kaase

Tropical House Plants

And last but not least, the statement piece of any tropical home... the Bird of Paradise. Their wide and tall reaching leaves truly give off the jungle vibes every room needs.

Ready, set, zen. Your paradise is set.

Share your tropical home with us @ashleyrose on Instagram. And be sure to check out our 'House Plants' Story highlight on our feed for more tips on how to care for your green friends.

Photos: Gabriella Katalin Photography


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