10 Best Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Road Trips with Kids

10 Best Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Road Trips with Kids

Written by: Morgan Stell

We were about to embark on a road trip all the way from Michigan to Maine. Google Maps was telling us our route was going to take us 42 hours round trip. I tried not to have a panic attack as I imagined what that would be like with a 16 month old in the car. I started scouring the web for all of the car tricks I could find. I compiled them all into a little kit and am so proud to tell you all about it! We successfully finished our road trip of 53 hours with our added day adventures and our little girl did better than we ever could have hoped! Here's how we entertained her...

This is how I organized all the goodies. An old three ring binder, along with some clear snap folders in which I hole punched, and a binder pouch.

1. A spice jar and cut straws. This was a fan favorite!

2. Ping Pong Balls - I cut a hole in the box and let her put the balls in the box over and over again. This particular box had a hole at the other end so she could remove the ping pong balls. 

3. Magnet Drawing Board - Coloring without the coloring mess. Took her a minute to figure out how to erase her work. 

4. Cupcake Liners - 100 pack of these went a long way!

5. Deck of Cards and Pipe Cleaners - She took cards out and back in the box over and over again. The pipe cleaners were meant to let her put cheerios on them and also straws, but at 16 months she hadn't mastered the dexterity for that. Probably great for kids a little older.

6. Tickets - Another repetitive task for long lasting entertainment.

7. Stickers - This is another one that she couldn't quite figure out. Probably better for kids age 18 months and up! 

8. Cookie Sheet - This is a great variety thing. She was able to play with magnets on it and also a activity of having toys taped down and she had to figure out how to get them out of the tape. 

9. Poke-a-dot Book- Major favorite here, both for our daughter and a friend's daughter on their road trip! You can find it on Amazon here

10. Magnet Train Book - I got this for her specifically because she was obsessing over trains, but it was a great road trip book! You can find it on Amazon here.

Things not pictured:
Borrowed Tablet and HotSpot from the library
Lots of board books
Ipad - We tried to use sparingly

If you've tried these activities with your own little ones, we'd love to hear about it! Comment below with more ideas that you may have to help a mama out. What has worked for you and your family to make road trips go smoothly??

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