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6 Summer Activities for Kids That Are Totally Free

Summer is officially in full swing and we want you and your family to get outside to thoroughly enjoy it! We've put a few activities together to keep everyone entertained. Each activity can be modified to use whatever you have on hand at home. Check out this fun list of backyard adventure ideas:

1. Pitch a "tent"
Set up a simple camping tent in the backyard, bring a flashlight and tell stories under the stars. If you don't have a tent, drape some large blankets over a clothing line or some chairs and have fun making your own make shift tent.

2. Excavate Animals From Ice

Play pretend archeology and let your little ones free their favorite toys from ice.
Summer Kids Activities Dinosaur Excavation

Simply fill a bowl or a plastic bag with water, add a few toys and place in the freezer over night.
Summer Kids Activities Dinosaur Excavation

Give them a few tools from around the house like a medicine dropper, watering can or spray bottle filled with warm water. Use parental supervision if your little one ops for the "true archeologist tools."

Summer Kids Activities Dinosaur Excavation

3. Give Your Animals a "Bath"
Round up all of their waterproof toys and just add water (and maybe a little soap). Giving their animal toys a bath will keep them entertained for hours and their play room smelling fresh.

4. Water Paint on Cement
It's as simple as it sounds. Hand them a brush and a cup of water to create fun designs on the sidewalk, the back patio cement or really any surface that water will show up. Endless entertainment with little mess or cleanup.

5. Have a Picnic
Lay out a blanket and have lunch in the backyard! Have everyone make something special to bring to the picnic and maybe even sneak in a little dessert to make it extra sweet.

6. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
Explore your favorite park or your very own backyard with our Nature Scavenger Hunt. We love how simple and educational this activity is. Check our latest blog post for more on how to print out our free graphic checklist of nature items.


Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids


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