4 Things to Bring When Traveling with Babies + Toddlers

4 Things to Bring When Traveling with Babies + Toddlers

What to Bring When Traveling with Toddlers Jenn Hallak

Written by featured blogger: Jenn Hallak

The first time we took Ava on a plane, I was terrified. The thought of getting eye rolls from hundreds of strangers as we made our way onto the plane was something I wasn’t too stoked about. Ava wasn’t walking yet and, at the time, I was thinking that bringing a baby on a plane would be the hardest. I mean, babies cry and you can’t always console them so what would I do if she started crying and wouldn’t stop?

Well, I had never had a toddler before so now, looking back, I was wrong. Oh I was so wrong.

The flights went great, I nursed her to sleep and the only issue was her ears hurting as we landed. So at that point, we thought we were experts. And then she became a toddler and our whole “travel expertise” was flipped upside down. Let me tell you, traveling with a walking, talking, independent toddler who does not want to sit still is far more difficult than a nursing baby who can be consoled with milk.

Now that we’ve been on dozens of flights with Ava, we’ve pretty much got this “traveling with a toddler” thing down.

We had another baby (Franky) just three weeks ago and we will head out on our first flight with two kids in just a couple of months so while I may be terrified all over again and have zero expertise on traveling with two kids, I think I’ve got some great tips for at least traveling with one. And I’ll have to check back in in a couple of months to give some updated tips with two.

What to Bring When Traveling with Toddlers Jenn Hallak

But for now, I’ll leave you with this:

4 Things you should bring while traveling with a baby or toddler (you really don’t need much!):

  1. Pre-Downloaded Movies + Shows

I swear, we always have connection issues on flights so we’ve learned our lesson and just have Ava’s favorite shows and movies downloaded to my phone -- no internet needed. We’ve got some episodes of Daniel Tiger, Frozen, Paw Patrol and some other favorites which we download right from the Amazon Video app!

And don’t forget those headphones so you don’t bother the nearby passengers!

  1. New Toys

Before each trip, I head to the dollar section at Target and snag some fun little goodies for Ava. So if she gets bored or starts to throw a tantrum, *boom” -- new toy! And of course, new toys are always a good thing. We get new mini coloring books, little figurines, and really anything that will excite her based on her current age and interests. But we always keep it small because we do like to pack as light as possible.

  1. Snacks On Snacks On Snacks

I mean, if you have a baby or toddler who eats snacks then this is a given. Snacks for them and snacks for you too… just in case.

  1. Something to Suck On

To this day, Ava’s ears hurt every single time the plane lands. She does great on takeoff but landing, well, that’s a whole different story. Our poor baby girl is typically in tears every single time our plane lands. And really the only remedy we’ve found that helps is sucking -- nursing (when she was a baby), sucking on a lollipop, drinking out of a bottle, anything that will keep them swallowing should help and now that we know, we make sure she’s got something for takeoff and landing each time.

Happy Travels!

What to Bring When Traveling with Toddlers Jenn Hallak

Jenn Hallak is a Los Angeles-based mommy blogger and mom blogger instagrammer behind The Overwhelmed Mommy and The Overwhelmed Bride! She's a wife and mother to Baxter, their 5 year old Boxer pup, Ava Sue, their beautiful 2-year-old baby girl, and they just recently welcomed a new baby boy, Franky, to the family. She shares incredible mom tips and tricks over on her blog The Overwhelmed Mommy that you will surely love!

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