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3 Reasons Why Your Products Aren't Selling, and How to Fix It

It's frustrating to know that you have an incredible product, and yet nobody seems to want to buy it. We often want to look outward for excuses (darn you, Instagram algorithm!), but what we really need to do is assess what's happening inside our businesses and adjust a few things that might make a big difference. Here are three things that you might consider taking a look at in your own business:


One of the most common struggles for small business owners who are just starting out is how much to charge! It's one of the most difficult decisions that gets many people hung up and causes procrastination in opening up their shop. We're afraid to charge too much because customers may not buy, but what if we're charging too little? You may not have considered it, but lowering the price of your products may actually be turning customers away. Often times, low prices indicate low value, even though that may not be the case. By keeping prices low, or constantly offering discounts, you train your customers to make purchases based on price rather than value. You just might be surprised what will happen when you increase your prices...

3 reasons why your products aren't selling and how to fix it

    Not Enough Customers

    I'm hesitant to be so blatant, but the size of your tribe matters. Simply put, the more eyes that you have on your products, the greater the chances of making sales will be. If you're in the very beginning stages of starting your business, don't worry! We all started from zero, including myself, and I know that growing an audience is not always easy. See here How I Got My Very First Customers (that weren't family or friends!) 

    3 reasons why your products aren't selling and how to fix it

    Lack of Trust

    Gaining your customers' trust can be difficult as a new business. It takes a lot of faith in a person to pull our their hard earned money and spend it on products they've never heard of before. It may take quite a bit of convincing but here are a few ways to ensure new customers that you'll deliver on your promises:

    1. Demonstrate a clear brand and clarify your message
      The most successful brands don't sell products, they sell a lifestyle. You need to convince your customers that their lives will be improved by purchasing whatever it is that you're selling. What problem does it solve?? Make this very clear in your website and social media messaging. When people understand who you are and what you do, they'll be more likely to invest in your product or service.

    2. Invest in a quality website
      If on anything you were to cut corners, your website should not be one of them. When a customer comes to your website, it's often the very first time they're experiencing your brand. You have only seconds to capture their attention before they click away. Ultimately, they want to know that their credit card information is being used by a trusted company, whether big or small. When you invest, they'll invest.

    3. Show up on your social media
      No excuses. Only when you're willing to put yourself out there will people grow to know, like and trust you. Show them who you are and what motivates you to do what you do. Consider introducing yourself every few weeks for new followers, talk to them in your Stories (I know, scary!) and respond to every single comment that you receive because that's how you'll grow a trusting tribe of raving fans.

    3 reasons why your products aren't selling and how to fix it

    If you're at a loss for what to share in your Instagram Stories, check out my list of '10 Things to Share in Your Instagram Stories That Won't Feel Like You're Selling.' Take a break from constantly posting your products, try these ideas out and I promise your followers will thank you.

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    And what to do about it!

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      • This post hit it on the head. I believe that because I am older (58 yrs) and making a product for young moms (babies), that if they know that about me, I will seem unrelatable to them. I’m afraid that if I show my face at 58 yrs old, they will automatically click out of my page, thinking “she can’t possibly be making anything that would give me the lifestyle I’m looking for”. Is this an irrational fear, or does it make sense? Honesty is the best policy! There must be ways around that! Thanks so much. I’m learning so much from you already!


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