Top 3 Mistakes Small Shops Make on Instagram

Top 3 Mistakes Small Shops Make on Instagram

There's nothing I love more than finding a cute little handmade shop with adorable products on Instagram. When I see a shop that has great potential (they have unique, quality items), I want them to succeed! And yet, over and over I see some of these wonderful shops making some critical mistakes. If only they changed a few things, and "upped" their Instagram strategy in a few key areas, they'd be soaring in no time. Here are the most common errors I see shops making:

1. They're not using the Stories feature (or perhaps not to its fullest potential)!

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If you're clueless as to what Stories are, then listen up! Or.. if you're using this feature that allows you to share disappearing clips of your day, but not on a regular basis, you're missing out! When potential followers come to your page, they want to easily understand what you do or make and they want to feel like they'll be receiving value from your page. Catch their attention by sharing behind-the-scenes, tips and tricks and valuable information that will make them want to stick around. By showing up in your Stories, you'll be able to create that initial curiosity from viewers to encourage them to click that 'follow' button. By being consistent, your followers will slowly feel like they actually know you, like a friend and not just a maker. Creating relationships is the key to making sales, and Stories is one of the very best ways to do that!

Important: Don't just share photos! Use the Stories feature for all of its potential and be sure to share videos. The future of Instagram is moving towards video because it captivates audiences in a way that photos simply aren't able to do.

Once you've invested time and energy into sharing valuable content in your Stories, be sure to save them to your highlights! This will give new followers a place to 'binge watch' your content to quickly convince them that they should stick around, and yes, click that prized 'follow' button.

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If you'd like a way to make your Story highlights eye-catching and beautiful, check out my Story highlight covers here.

2. They're not showing up

After I've found my way over to a shop's page, the first thing I want to know is who makes the lovely products that brought me there in the first place. I scroll.... and I scroll... and I scroll.... and yet, find not a single photo of the maker! Remember, Instagram is a social platform. People want to connect with you. Show up on your feed (and in your Stories!) regularly. Help people see that you're friendly, relatable and easy to chat with if they were to have any questions before buying. Showing your face will go a long way in making your customers feel connected.

3 mistakes small shops make on Instagram

3. They don't provide enough content in their captions

One-sentence captions aren't going to cut it, ladies! Engagement should be your highest priority because Instagram actively tracks posts with a high number of likes and comments to show to your followers. If you want your followers to invest their time and energy to like and comment, then you'll need to give them something to interact with. Try these to create an engaging post:

👉🏼 Give them something to make them laugh
👉🏼 Provide advice in an area that you have expertise
👉🏼 Show them behind-the-scenes sneak peeks
👉🏼 Tell them a story they can relate to
👉🏼 Share an inspirational message, something that your followers need to hear

Important: Always include a call to action in your caption. Tell your followers what you'd like them to do! "What do you think? Tell me below." "Double tap if you agree." "Tag a friend below who needs to hear this" etc.

If you're guilty of making one (or all) of these mistakes, don't worry! They're simple things to fix. By adjusting your strategy in these three ways, you'll start to see great results and your followers will thank you. Remember to be consistent, as changes will take time for your followers to catch on.

Let us know below what strategies you use to keep your followers engaged and coming back for more!

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