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3 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back In Your Business

Mindset is *everything* when it comes to building a successful business. Your thoughts can be an incredibly powerful tool to either propel you forward or convince you that it's simply not worth the hassle and risk of launching a startup. But if you're determined to create the work of your dreams and build a life that you love, there are certain mindset shifts that need to happen. Here are three limiting beliefs that need to be dropped starting today, girlfriend:

#1 "Someone's already doing it."

In a world where we can share anything instantly, it's easy to see all of the incredible things that have already been done. It can feel like a saturated market, no matter which industry you're in. It's certainly true that "cover bands don't change the world," which is why we should find inspiration from what's around us, but make it our own. Look at your industry experts and instead of slapping your name on the same product, try to come up with ways to alter it or make it even better. Draw upon your own experiences, your own taste, and your own reasons for creating. Focus only on what you can bring to the world and lose the fear of copying others. 

Limiting beliefs

#2 "I can do it all on my own."

I always felt that starting my shop was my responsibility. I hated to burden anyone else with my 'hobbies.' But I soon found myself so overwhelmed! You too?? My advice to you is to accept the help that is being offered to you, especially at the beginning. No shame. If a friend wants to come over and help you package orders, by all means! If your neighbor offers to help you set up at a market, welcome her a board your ship of crazy. Don't be embarrassed to let people into your world of 'maker's chaos' for fear of burdening others. If they offer to help (and they actually show up), pay them in dinner or perhaps in exchange for one of your products that they probably love so much.

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.” -John C. Maxwell

#3 "I can't afford to hire help."

Friends, in business 1+1 does not equal 2. It equals 3. When you hire someone to help you in your business, you will free up your precious time to do the things that help your business grow.

This doesn't mean you need to hire someone full time, but even someone that comes for a few hours to pack your orders once a week can give you back so much time!

If you're worried about finding the money to afford team members, consider adding value to then raise your prices if possible. 

If you truly want your business to grow, invest into it by hiring help. Some great people that you should consider adding to your team right away is a business coach, a virtual assistant, an in-person assistant and especially a bookkeeper (unless you love doing your taxes, but then again I'm guessing most creatives don't!). You could even think about adding someone to help you with your production. Hiring a seamstress was the best thing for me and my shop to offer faster turn around times for customers and it helped free up time to focus on other areas like social media marketing and in-person events.

If you're stressing out about how to hire them, take it one step at a time and look for someone who can work for just a few hours per week or a flat rate per month. You'll soon see that it's well worth it!

Limiting beliefs

These three mindset shifts are going to allow you to refocus your energy to start producing real results for your business. If you catch yourself carrying around any of these heavy thoughts, take a step back and determine the quickest way to take more positive action.

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