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How to Sell Without Being "Salesy"

“I hate the SELLING part of owning a business.” If you've ever felt sick to your stomach at the thought of making a sale, you're certainly not alone. Asking people to take out their wallets and fork over their hard earned money for our craft is a bit intimidating, no matter how long we've been in the business. It’s scary! But making a sale doesn’t have to be “salesy” or slimy or pushy or any of the adjectives we typically think of to describe the typical car salesman. Not to worry, there are a number of other things that you can do to ensure sales without losing your dignity. Try these tips that I’ve personally used to increase sales:

1. Deliver helpful content on a consistent basis

Whether you’re offering parenting tips and tricks, or how to take care of your plants 🌿🤘🏼(totally my jam), you want your customers coming back for more because they see VALUE in what you can provide for them outside of what you sell. Once they learn to trust you and make a habit of coming to you for advice, you'll be more likely to get a 'heck yes!' whenever your next product launches. 

Here's a blog post I wrote about 6 Trendy Houseplants That Don't Need Much Attention for my customers to make their jungle dreams come true. Note, it has nothing to do with selling my products because I wanted to connect with my customers on another level, to show them that they can relate to me as a person as opposed to a business owner or sales person.

2. Build lasting relationships

Investing in relationships with your followers and initial customers takes time. But gain their trust and you’ll reap the benefits when word of mouth travels like wildfire. In person events are great for this! Try attending as many markets and expos as you can in your town. You'll find that the same customers will find you again and again, and they'll quickly become your loyal base of customers. Learn to know their name, their children’s names, what their hobbies are and what lights them up. Sales will take care of themselves if you put in the hard work with each and every new customer.

How to sell without being salesy 

3. Sell a lifestyle, not your product

People buy products to solve problems in their lives, and often times the solution is simply making them feel better about themselves. Show your customers what they’ll feel when they buy your product; fashionable? environmentally conscious? minimalistic? wealthy? put together? Focus on the emotions of your customers rather than their pockets and they'll be self motivated to purchase your products.

How to sell without being salesy

🌿Which of these tips made you reconsider how you’ve been marketing? Tell me below! You might also like to check out my ‘10 Tips to Get Maximum Engagement on Instagram’ guide for more tips on getting your customers to connect with you on social media.

If you'd like to check out the IGTV version of this topic, you can watch it here: 



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  • Ahhh 100% 2. Build lasting relationships made me consider how I’ve been marketing!
    I’m not a very talkative person or even when texting so keeping up with comments or commenting on post, it’s hard to keep up.
    I’m also SO afraid and embarrassed to speak in front of camera 😭 so making stories or anything with video related, makes me so nauseous.

    Bertha Taylor

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