How to Get High Quality Product Photos, Without Breaking the Bank

How to Get High Quality Product Photos, Without Breaking the Bank

How to get quality products photos

The photos you're using for your social media and on your website may be losing you a lot more money than you think. High quality photos that are eye-catching will be what set you apart from your competition. Ignoring the importance of this, however, may cost you sales and turn customers away. High quality product photos can be one of the best ways to create customer trust, but how do we know where to start? If you're not a photographer and don't have a huge budget, consider these tips to get a stock pile of beautiful post-worthy photos: 

1. In-home sessions
Many shop owners choose to take photos of their products at home, since it's incredibly cost-effective. This can be a simple way to showcase your work, but be sure to do these few key things to ensure quality photos:

  • Find or create good lighting
    Natural light (in front of a window) is best, but can be recreated with umbrella lighting like these that are available on Amazon. On a rainy day where you need the perfect shot, these umbrella lights will be extremely helpful!
  • Use a neutral background
    Lay your products on a white poster board, or a color that doesn't take away from the focus of your products.
  • Edit your photos
    Taking your photos into an editing app like Snapseed or Lightroom can make all the difference. Make sure that each photo is edited in the same way to create consistency in your Instagram feed and on your website.

Taking photos at home can require a bit of time and patience, but it's a great opportunity to showcase your products without spending a large amount of money. You can also show behind-the-scenes by using a camera tripod while you work. 

How to get quality products photos

2. Brand Reps
Since much of your time can be occupied with making your craft, finding a day to take photos can be challenging. Creating a team of brand reps (those who opt to represent your brand, mostly through Instagram) can be incredibly beneficial to your shop. Brand reps receive discounted products in exchange for helping you create brand awareness by sharing the items with their followers. They can also deliver photos for you to use, depending on the agreements you set up in your brand rep search.

If you'd like more information on how to set up a brand rep search, what to post on Instagram to ensure quality candidates, and what to expect once reps have been chosen, you can use my free templates HERE. This free package includes:

1. Instagram post text- what to say and how to lay out a brand rep search
2. Welcome Message- how to welcome your team and ensure that your requirements are clearly stated.

Both of these templates are customizable and can be changed to include your shop name, logo, brand rep requirements and discount codes that you'd like to offer. If you'd like these free templates, you can download them HERE.

How to get quality products photos

3. Photoshoots
Once you've created brand awareness through a successful brand rep team, you may want to consider investing in professional photography, especially for your website and About page. By having product photos as well as professional portraits to showcase the face behind the brand, your website will look professional and attract buying customers. It's important to show your customers that you've invested in your shop so that they can feel more comfortable investing in your products.

High quality photos should be a top priority as they are the face of your brand.  Implementing the above strategies will help you improve your current photo quality if it needs a bit of a face lift in order to gain trusting customers.

How to get quality products photos

Again, if you'd like the free brand rep templates to start spreading the world about your products quickly and cost-effectively, you can find them HERE.

Drop your questions below in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Photos: Gabriella Katalin Photography


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