5 Quick Tips to Get More Sales in Your Online Shop

5 Quick Tips to Get More Sales in Your Online Shop

If you've ever opened a brand new website, or tried launching new products to your shop only to find that few if anyone purchased, you can attest to the difficulty of selling online. It's certainly not as simple as it looks! Here are five ways quick tips to get you more sales in your next product or service launch: 

1. Create Scarcity

When there's a lack of resources (or items for sale in this case), people feel a greater sense of urgency to buy now before they miss out. Capitalize on this form of thinking by offering your products less frequently. Rather than keeping your online shop continuously open for shoppers to browse through and take their time deciding, you want to give them a reason to make a decision. While this may sound like a terrifying strategy, as you might be thinking that closing your shop will result in fewer opportunities to make sales, you'll most likely find that your revenue in fact increases. Here are two ways of creating scarcity that might work for your shop:

  • Scheduled 'Drops'
    Promote a scheduled 'drop' where items are listed in your shop just once a month, or even quarterly-be sure to let your customers know when this date will be! If you choose to release new items monthly, try to choose the same date (on the 1st, 15th, etc.) so that your customers know what to expect and are ready.
  • Cart Close
    If you offer made-to-order items or a service (like my Instagram Course), try closing the cart or the number of orders you take after a certain amount of time (one week, two weeks, etc.) Giving your customers a time limit will cause them to make a decision more quickly.

If you're wanting to implement this method slowly, try releasing exclusive collections that are limited in quantity while keeping some of the more staple items in your shop available.

5 quick tips to get more sales in your online shop

2. Create Collections

Bundling your products into a defined collection will make it more understandable for your customers. Collections are also more memorable because they often have story or meaning behind them. Examples of some of my previous collections include the Aloha Collection and the Fall/Winter Collection. We as humans have an innate yearning to group things into categories to make things easier to comprehend. When there is cohesion, you can also give that collection a name (or perhaps a unique hashtag!) which makes it more 'shareable' through social media or word of mouth. Not only do collections give people a way to talk about your products, but it's easier to create excitement around them as well (which brings me to my next point!)

3. Anticipation

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” 
― Andy Warhol

Many shop owners want to release their new product instantly and don't give it much thought about the necessary steps that should be taken before actually launching it on their website. Don't forget the very important part of selling: the excitement of waiting. It would be a shame to rob your customers of this rewarding feeling! Think back to how excited you were for Christmas, your birthday, or a big family trip to finally arrive. This is the feeling that you want to replicate when releasing anything new.

Give your customers something to look forward to. Tease them with sneak peeks, giveaways, and Instagram challenges. In my Instagram course for small shops, I walk my students through, step-by-step, on how to create anticipation through Instagram challenges and how you can create hype around whatever it is that you're trying to launch. Check out my recent #shegrowschallenge on Instagram to see an example of how I've created excitement for my followers wanting to increase their engagement.

4. Spoil Your Previous Customers

Getting more sales doesn't necessarily mean that you need to find new customers. In fact, it costs 6-7 times more to find new customers than it does to retain the current ones you have. When thinking about ways to bring back your previous customers to keep them happy and buying, offer them specials or early access. Having an email list of subscribers is a great way to keep track of those who are already invested or interested in your brand. Sending out an email to subscribers with a discount code, free shipping or an early access passcode to your website can keep them coming back for more.

5 quick tips to get more sales in your online shop

5. Reward Your Buying Customers

When thinking about how to get more sales in the long run, focus on rewarding those who purchased by including small free gifts in their packages, or perhaps refunding a couple of orders at random. This can also be a great strategy to build anticipation and spoil your current customers by letting them know ahead of time that a certain number of orders will be refunded. Giving back to your customers lets them know that you care about giving back and aren't focused solely on sales.

If you enjoyed these five tips to get more sales and want to discuss more options specifically tailored to your business, schedule a free 15-minute call with me to chat! Check out my schedule below to get a head start in your business: 

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